CAHN COVID-19 Impact Survey Report

We are pleased to share this first primary research study of the Black voices in Greater Manchester presents some findings undertaken by the CAHN over a four-week period between 18th April and 13th May 2020.

There are stark and profound health inequalities facing people from the Caribbean & African community in the United Kingdom. These inequalities have been found along social, economic, environmental and racial lines and result in higher rates of morbidity and mortality than the White population. These disparities need addressing as part of systemic change.

In Greater Manchester, the region where decisions are devolved, there are limited tailored health services or adequately funded VCSE sector support to improve health outcomes in the Caribbean & African community.

Of the 334 respondents there are four key findings to be highlighted from this report:

1) 59% of the respondents were concerned about the mental well-being of their children and 43% of adults were also concerned about their own mental well-being

2) 74% of the respondents stated that they wanted Black-led services as a result of cultural insensitivity and perceived systemic racism

3) 61% of respondents were concerned about the loss of physical connection to people in the church and are keen to resume face to face interaction

4) 45% of respondents identified the need for bereavement counselling and practical support

Please click below to download the full report. We have shared this report on social media with the hashtag #BlackHealthMattersGM


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