International Women’s Day

CAHN International Women's Day Event

Our International Women’s Day Event’ is a time we join the rest of the world to celebrate all women especially our Women of the Caribbean and African Community who have contribute so much to our society. Our event is usually supported by dignitaries including our Patron, locally and nationally and other very important persons in our communities. We celebrate through speeches, music, dance and a plethora of cultural activities.

CAHN’s International Women’s Day Event is all about celebrating our women.

The event every year centres around a particular theme in line with International Women’s Day, which anchors the programme and the panel of guest speakers, performances etc throughout the day.

The event’s aim is to celebrate and to encourage conversations around Black women’s experiences during their pregnancies and the neonatal period, identifying some of the underlying reasons that compound poorer outcomes for Black womenduring the pre-conception, maternal and postnatal phase. Our aim is to provide a platform where we can listen to our experts and hear the often-silent voices ofmarginalised women.

Women's Day 2021