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Francophone group

Greater Manchester Francophone Black Leaders Network

Community engagement is an important aspect of CAHN as this is a major platform in reaching communities and having interactions that are beneficial to the Caribbean and African Communities in these localities.

CAHN has been engaging with the francophone community of Greater Manchester for over a year now, with the purpose of supporting a community who may not easily have access to current service provisions due to language barriers.

This network was set up to support a group of people whose first language is French. We provide support for the following services: advocacy, domestic abuse, food provision, capacity building, translation, therapeutic counselling in French.

The Francophone group consists of15French-speaking African community leaders reaching out to over 800 people across Greater Manchester.

The group meets fortnightly on Zoom to discuss a variety of topics: Covid-19 current issues, PHE information sharing, issues faced by this groups within their various localities, success community stories etc.

The sessions are held in French, allowing the leaders to express their views and opinions with ease. They have welcomed this initiative warm heartedly, especially during the lockdown period, when accessing and understanding key PHE information seemed particularly challenging.

CAHN has been providing support to various groups from this network with capacity building. As a result of this, many groups have had successful on various Covid-19 Emergency Grants.

Are you a leader from a Black led French speaking group? Please join us now.



For more information, please email us communityengagement@cahn.org.uk