Home Office Drop In

Together with the Home Office, CAHN has launched the drop-ins to ensure that our community has access to accurate information when it comes to immigration and also to provide a platform where you can step in with no fear of enforcement.


Given that the drop-ins are virtual you can sign in from anywhere in the UK and it is your choice whether you switch on your camera, provide your real name or give any information at all.


We have also been assured by the Home Office that no enforcement action will be taken during the sessions.

Please refer to below to check when our sessions take place:




20th January 2024 

Topic: New Immigration Rules/ Children born in UK and abroad”

Speaker: Home Office

20th April 2024

Topic: Children & Immigration

Speaker: Home Office

20th July 2024

Topic: Social Mobility in the Civil Service

Speaker: Home Office

19th October 2024

Topic: Immigration Awareness Session

Speaker: Home Office

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