Knowledge Access Screening for Improved Health (KASIH)

The Caribbean & African Health Network (CAHN) is an organisation working to end health inequalities for Black Caribbean and African people within a generation. It has brought to Salford an innovative and novel programme that will engage and empower the Black community for long term gain around health prevalence across conditions that disproportionately impact the Black communities.


The Knowledge Access Screening for Improved Health (KASIH) Programme is uniquely focused with long term benefits for the Caribbean and African Community in Salford. KASIH employs a targeted approach that aims to increase health literacy, raise awareness, and support people living with long-term conditions. KASIH adopts learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic and builds on the successful ways that engaged Black people in COVID prevention and vaccination uptake. 


This exciting project is expected to yield the following outcomes

  • Increase health literacy of 1200 people
  • Screen 500 people
  • Train and equip 12 Health Ambassadors from the community
  • Support 8-12 persons living with long COVID


We seek to achieve these outcomes by delivering:

  • Engagements with community members especially Barbers, Hairdressers, community and church leaders.
  • Education sessions on cardio-vascular disease (CVD) prevention, Blood Pressure and Atrial Fibrillation (AF).
  • Health screening in community centres and church settings
  • Regular Webinars – Healthy Hour and Healthy Hearts
  • Long Covid Peer Support Group (fortnightly sessions)

Interested in knowing more about the programme, please call or email us on: kasih@cahn.org.uk or call/text 07786996264


Funded by Salford CCG

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