COVID-19 vaccination campaign #OneLoveFirstJab


CAHN is working with Enfield Council to encourage uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine in the Caribbean & African community in Enfield.


  • Are you tired of the UK national restrictions imposed upon you due to this virus that has dictated our lives since March 2020?
  • Have you been concerned about the physical and mental wellbeing of this pandemic on yourself, friends loved ones?
  • Have you lost your job or being socially isolated?
  • Has this pandemic spoilt your plans to travel abroad for a holiday or to visit loved ones?


We think it is time we pulled together to reduce the misery and pain that many of us have experienced during this pandemic.


COVID-19 has disturbingly impacted the Black Caribbean and African people negatively in the UK as in other parts of the world, such as the US. There has been a disproportionate effect of this virus and, many of us have heard countless stories and witnessed members of our community experiencing the worst outcomes of this disease.


We need you to take the #Onelovefirstjab of the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as you feel informed enough to do so. Time is running out before everything opens up again and, the Black community has the lowest uptake of the vaccine but yet suffer the worst effect of the virus. The virus has not gone away and is no less deadly than at the start of the pandemic.


Visit here to have your questions answered about the COVID-19 vaccine (put the link here)


CAHN with its senior Black consultants and doctors are here to answer your questions if you have not yet made up your mind about this vaccine. It is important that everyone has the opportunity to speak to someone. Join our session on 17th July and hear from our doctors (put the flyer here) Or add the vaccination report here or links to the health hours


CAHN Health Hour COVID-19 Vaccine Panel Event  


CAHN Health Hour COVID-19 Vaccine Panel Event  




CAHN Health Hour – COVID-19 Vaccine 



Getting the vaccination is easier now than ever and, you are most likely to get access to a COVID-19 vaccinator in an area of Enfield near your home.


Click on the link here to find out where to go for that vital COVID-19 #onelovefirstjab that could help protect us all from the worst effects of this potentially deadly virus


Do you question whether you need the vaccine?


We are offering first jabs this week but for maximum protection, you must visit us again for your second dose.


The message we are giving is simple:

  • COVID-19 can cause lifelong health challenges or sadly lead to death regardless of age
  • There is no evidence that other forms of herbal or medicinal treatments can prevent you from suffering the worst effects of the virus.
  • From the current evidence, we know that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and that fewer people who have the vaccine are hospitalised or die from the virus.
  • We need you to take the first dose of the vaccine then return for the second to maximise protection. Think of it as completing your dose of antibiotics.


Why take the COVID-19 Vaccine?


The whole point of the vaccine is to prevent serious disease. There have been lots of sceptics and false social media reporting but, we need to get rid of COVID-19 and, this safe COVID-19 vaccination can help to do that so we can live normally again.


The technology used to develop the vaccine is not new –  medical science has been accelerated because this virus has had a devastating impact on people. Black people and other minority or underserved groups have suffered a significant loss of life and, some are living with long COVID-19 that has caused physical disability and mental illness.


To take or not to take, do you have questions?


Deciding whether to take the vaccine or not is a decision many of us have grappled with and that decision can be made more easily when the information has been obtained from those you trust.


Join our webinar here to learn more and ask your questions 17th

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