Jerome is a very happy 6-year-old boy who lives in Manchester. Jerome’s quality of life is severely affected by limited mobility and painful muscle spasms. Jerome suffered a brain injury before birth which resulted in Cerebral Palsy, which has left him confined to a wheelchair.


As Jerome is getting older, the spasticity in his legs has become worse resulting in him experiencing considerable pain. Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery has been recommended for Jerome  as a solution to the difficulties that Jerome is currently experiencing. 


This procedure is to be performed at Alder Hey children’s hospital and it comes at a considerable expense.


There are also additional post operation costs for intensive physiotherapy and purchasing equipment to facilitate Jerome’s recovery. The overall fundraising budget is £100,000 for surgery and post-surgery treatment. In order to have this surgery the initial cost is £17,000 and the family have currently raised £8,000.


Therefore, in order to take opportunity of the surgery slot in September 2019 we need to raise another £9,000 asap. Please consider giving generously to enable Jeremy to walk normally.




                                  Thank you for your support!