Wigan Caribbean & African Community

Project overview


This project stems from community engagement feedback and provides a forum for Caribbean and African people living in Wigan so that they can come together and build community resilience while making valuable contributions to local decision-making.


The group meets on a weekly basis, organises fortnightly social activities and works with partners including Local Authority, Police, education, housing, health, and businesses. The collaborative work is aimed at improving holistic wellbeing, as well as providing a safe space for the Caribbean & African community.


The need for an inclusive community programme is to ensure that Caribbean & African people living in Wigan could come together and develop shared vision and values. This is important to enable the community to organise itself and improve representation in Wigan, contributing to areas that matter to them including health and wellbeing. The project will benefit people of Caribbean and African backgrounds including mixed race/ethnicity.


Why get involved?

The project was co-produced and co-owned by the community and as such, it will be shaped by participants on a continuous basis to ensure that it is meeting their needs. Over the project lifetime, participants will be asked for feedback for improving future sessions. Feedback will be regularly discussed at the monthly project steering group meeting. Participants can also influence the project activities by making suggestions during sessions or at any time by contacting the Project Lead.


Project Governance

The project is led by Bunmi Iyere (Wigan Community Engagement Lead). She is supported by volunteers with the weekly activities. The wider CAHN staff team support the project in many ways. There is a Project Steering Group (PSG) that meets on a monthly basis to discuss progress and offer support to Bunmi.

For further information or to get involved, please

email wigan@cahn.org.uk


This project is funded by the People’s Health Trust 



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