MEaP – Easter Intensives – Online Tutoring

Eliminating the risks of COVID-19 transmission that are present in face-to-face teaching, our online school allows pupils to follow their learning pathway. Students work through self-study materials at a pace that suits them, studying in small classes with lessons carefully tailored to their needs. Every individual pupil is seen and heard, and no one is left behind. We believe that this approach is also suited those families choosing to home-school their children.

With home-schooling firmly in mind, we give our pupils every opportunity to participate in and respond to our educational content, giving them time to reflect on topics so that they can give deeper responses when answering questions.

Our pupils work alongside classmates from a range of different cultures, broadening their understanding of these cultures.

For parents and carers, we provide unprecedented visibility of their children’s education, with real-time access to their performance in their studies.

Online learning also allows our students to develop self-discipline skills, which are invaluable preparation for life outside the school environment and for further education.

Our home-schooling prices for our online group sessions (i.e. 2-5 children) are £5 per child per hour. The minimum booking per child that can be made is for 5 hours at £25. This equates to 1 hour a day of tuition/activities over a 5 day week. You can also book 10 hours a week (i.e. 2 hours a day of tuition/activities) at £50.

For our Easter and Summer Intensives, our rate is £50 for a two hour session per day. For more details, contact Amber at amber@meap.org.uk

Our one to one tuition rates are £25 per hour.

As we are OFSTED registered, you might be eligible for government assistance with the fees. Please contact henry@meap.org.uk to discuss further.

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