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Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (MHCC)

Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (MHCC) plans and funds health and care services for the people of Manchester.


Every area in England has a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) that brings together experienced health and care professionals to decide what services are needed in the local area and ensure that they are provided. This process of planning, funding and monitoring healthcare is called commissioning.


Planning for local health needs

We are led by our MHCC Board and Governing Body, who ensure we function effectively. We also work closely with partner organisations  to agree priorities based on the information that we gather between us. Together, this helps us to assess your needs, review services the services available and plan our priorities.


The services we are responsible for

We are responsible for the commissioning of a wide range of services across Manchester. These services are provided by different organisations such as local NHS hospital trusts and community service providers.


Below is a list of services that we commission:

  • urgent and emergency care, such as NHS 111, A&E and ambulance services
  • planned (elective) hospital care, such as operations and treatments 
  • general practice (GP)
  • community health services, such as community nursing and physiotherapy
  • rehabilitation for those recovering from operations and certain conditions
  • maternity and new-born services (excluding neonatal intensive care)
  • infertility services
  • children and young people’s mental health services 
  • adult mental health services
  • continuing health care for people with on-going health needs, such as nursing care
  • a range of services from voluntary community sector organisations.


You can find out more about the responsibilities of Clinical Commissioning Groups on the NHS England website.

BHA For Equality in Health and Social Care

For over 30 years BHA For Equality in Health and Social Care has worked to challenge and address health and social care inequalities and support individuals, families and communities to improve their health and well-being.


BHA has become widely known for its work on testing, screening, and delivering health education in community settings on HIV and sexual health, cancers, Tuberculosis, coronary heart disease, hepatitis and other health conditions that are more prevalent in Black, Asian and other minority communities.  BHA provides support services for people living or affected by HIV through our office in Leeds and through management of the Greater Manchester PASH programme (Passionate about Sexual Health). Support Services include peer mentoring, advice and advocacy, counselling and activity groups that support gay, bisexual and trans men, positive women and young people affected by HIV.  


BHA is also well known for its community surveys and reports on the state of health of Black and other minority groups. Further details at www.thebha.org.uk.