About Research at CAHN

Research at CAHN works in partnership and in collaboration with stakeholders to address inequality by influencing policies and service delivery, changing practices driven by evidence. We tackle these issues and create a platform where equity, justice and fairness can be achieved. Research at CAHN aims to;


  1. Work with grassroots communities across boundaries to increase engagement in research
  2. Champion cross-disciplinarity research with CAHN
  3. inspire and empower research leadership support partnerships with VCSE
  4. Encourage our research to thrive beyond traditional boundaries
  5. Foster trust in open and engaged research in the community
  6. Use evidence to deliver impact for public benefit, focusing on the Black community.

The research departments offer tailored recruitment and assign a dedicated research officer to facilitate the recruitment process depending on the research and criteria.


We work with the marketing and communication department and our partners to ensure quality and wide access to the target group. This is achieved within agreed timelines, ensuring our partners have the necessary information. We can provide transcription and also facilitate the discussions, meaning that your role would simply be to concentrate on the analysis. We offer face-to-face and virtual focus group discussions. Alternatively, our partners can come and facilitate or co-facilitate. We believe in compensation of the time for the communities engaged in research as a policy. To standardise processes, our CAHN department and the income strategy would ask for you to cover costs, including recruitment, venue hire, refreshments, and incentives. The minimum for face-to-face discussions (including transport) is £ 30; virtual sessions are capped at £ 25 maximum (depending on funds). For those who still need a research budget, we also engage and look at avenues to support the research; however, we do not assign resources to the processes. Feel free to reach out to us directly if you have more specific questions for our research team using research@cahn.org.uk.

Who we work with

The institute works with Partners from NHS, Academic institutions across the UK, NIHR, community organisations and VCSE.


CAHNIRI engage in the following forms of partnerships

  1. Co-funded research collaboration
  2. Commission research collaborations
  3. Consultancy and research design
  4. Recruitment of research participants -surveys, focus group discussions or in-depth interviews.

Working Principles for Collaboration

CAHN will work on the seven principles with partners 

  1. Trust
  2. Clarity 
  3. Recognition
  4. Respect 
  5. Accountability
  6. Value creation
  7. Improve research culture

What we offer

  1. Workshops & Focus group discussions
  • We deliver in partnership with partners
  • Design study recruitment tools
  • Develop recruitment and material
  1. Surveys
  • Design, collect data, analyse and provide reports.
  1. Interviews
  • Recruitment participants
  • Deliver interview and transcription
  • Data analyses if required.
  1. Webinars and workshops
  • Facilitate workshops with communities and partners

Delivery Process

We receive numerous requests to collaborate with various institutions all over the UK. We value each institution’s unique perspectives and expertise, and your collaboration could significantly enhance our research initiatives.

The interests range from co-designing and co-production to recruitment research opportunities for participants from The Black Caribbean and African communities and other minority groups. The involvement could include facilitating focus group discussions for various research studies or just recruiting. We do these via internal and external networks and partners. Information is customised to meet the needs of the partner and the community.


This could happen either way, by CAHN seeking out partners for collaboration or the Partners identifying CAHN.


  1. Request should be sent via email to research@CAHN.org,uk.
  2. Information will be then passed to the research team and income strategy team
  3. Formal response to the enquire should be within 24 hours of initial contact.
  4. The response details areas of interest and includes a meeting set to discuss with the partner.
  1. CAHN/Partner draws an MOU that governs engagement and collaboration and allocates key contacts/departments for a specific piece of research.
  2. Partners use the agreed MOU for future engagement to deliver research

Research priority areas

We seek to increase early detection, reduce late presentation and improve self-care and quality of life. These are some of the current areas of research (not limited) that we need collaboration.


  • Health inequalities: Addressing health and social care inequalities in under-served communities-African- Caribbean.
  • Quality of services and services Access: Understanding disparities in service access and provision, cancer and maternity care.
  • Maternal and child health: Access, care.
  • Poverty and Livelihood: Cost of living, disparities and impact on health and wellbeing.
  • Diaspora/migration and health: Health-seeking behaviour, slavery, colonialism, and health and wellbeing.
  • Black Leadership and management: Barriers to Academic leadership by Black Academicians in the UK.
  • Mental health in Africa and the Caribbean has been enabled by the economic crises.
  • Prevention and Management of long-term conditions and non-communicable diseases, CVD, Cancer, Diabetes and co-morbidities.
  • Diet and diseases
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Poverty and Health